At Top Notch Landscaping & Supply, we are committed to bring your vision to life and onto your very own property. You, your needs, your vision and design are our top priorities. We see to it that we work closely with our clients to ensure the dream landscape we create for you is nothing less than what you desire. This is because we believe that effective implementation can only happen if we maintain a close, professional relationship with the main beneficiaries of our dedication, passion, and hard work – and, of course, that would be no one else but you.


The home is where we end a long day for rest, relaxation and recreation. To be able to look out your windows and see a beautiful exterior that complements your interior and architecture is what makes a home complete. From the moment you step out of your car and you walk up your stone pathway to your front door, to just see a peaceful and beautiful front landscape is enough to make you feel better. For businesses and other commercial properties, we have the staff and equipment to successfully complete any sized project to the highest standard.


After we’ve crafted your landscape, we’re here to also offer our services of maintaining your landscape to keep it as picturesque as it was the first time you saw the finished product. Our clients remain extremely well taken care of after every project. Because of our commitment to our clients, we assure that any of our clients’ additional needs are met to their satisfaction. If you are a new patron and would like Top Notch Landscaping & Supply’s services to maintain your existing landscape, we are more than happy to add new clientele to our growing family.

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